Renew at The Baton House sanctuary and shelter

Community Space

What an extraordinary age we find ourselves in and what an incredibly potent time to be alive, amidst such social and ecological upheaval.

The global pandemic has illuminated the limitations and risks of globalisation and brings us to question our resilience for healthy survival into the future. An active response to the failure of globalisation is radical localisation.

As the societal and environmental challenges on our fragile planet accelerate, the human mycelium, or connection of roots, is strengthening in new ways. The internet has partly enabled, yet also thwarted this, but nothing replaces people congregating to join minds, hearts and hands.

Sanctuary and Shelter
The Baton House provides sanctuary and shelter, a place of repose, a chance to let go and unravel; a place of fermentation for new questions and ideas; a chance to explore ancestral connections, share stories, make new friends; and be with the elements.

Sanctuary can be a space for the dispossessed and weary, a place where tears, pain and confusion are welcomed.

Whether you are an adventurous cyclist, or feel unwell or tired, perhaps in recovery from grief or overwhelmed by the world at large, The Baton House offers you a chance to slow down, and reconnect with nature. Experience the profound, unplugged serenity of this deeply nourishing valley. Be comforted by the silence, the rivers and the creatures who dwell here.

Come, bring your curiosity, your self enquiry and wait for the seeds to arise.

We believe in a compassionate, regenerative world.

Join us in this quest.

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